Mountain Dulcimer Accessories

You'll find a variety of dulcimer cases here. We have capos, dulcimer wall hangers, strings, picks, electronic tuners, stands, straps, and more.

Soft case 1 comes in 3 lengths.
Soft Dulcimer Case 1Soft Dulcimer Case 1Soft Dulcimer Case 1

Soft Dulcimer Case 1

Durable heavy duty nylon gig bag with 1/2 inch pad...See more

Soft Dulcimer Case 1 – Short (DU2)

Soft Dulcimer Case 1 – Medium (DU1A)

Soft Dulcimer Case 1 – Long (DU3)

Soft Case 2 Thumbnail
Soft Dulcimer Case 2Soft Dulcimer Case 2Soft Dulcimer Case 2

Soft Dulcimer Case 2

Heavy duty nylon carrying case with 3/4 inch padding, plush lined, hand grip and backpacker straps, and zippered exterior storage pocket can hold books. This sidewall case is more accommodating for bi...See more

Soft Dulcimer Case 2 (DU7)

Hardshell Case 1
Hardshell Mountain Dulcimer CaseHardshell Mountain Dulcimer CaseHardshell Mountain Dulcimer CaseHardshell Mountain Dulcimer Case

Hardshell Mountain Dulcimer Case

Hand laminated 3 ply wood shell with black Durahyde exterior, steel reinforced joints, 3 heavy duty brass (Providence Forge) latches. Center latch can handle accommodate a lock. Comfort grip molded ha...See more

Regular size (DU5)

Large Size (DU10)


Double Case thumbnail
Double Dulcimer Case

Double Dulcimer Case

This case has the same features as the DU7 case  except that it is designed to hold two instruments. Each dulcimer has its own compartment accessed by a separate zippered closure.  Interior dimensio...See more

Double Dulcimer Case (DU13)

Dulcimer Wall Hanger
Dulcimer Wall HangerDulcimer Wall Hanger

Dulcimer Wall Hanger

Attractive wood hangers for hanging and displaying your dulcimer on a wall.   Available for both scroll type head and guitar style head. In oak, cherry, and walnut. Mounting hardware and instruction...See more

Dulcimer Wall Hanger (AMDWH)


Capo woods


A capo changes the pitch without requiring that you re-tune your dulcimer. It fits down on the strings and clamps to your fret board. Has a brass tightening screw and adjusts to fit fret board...See more



dulcimer display stand
Display StandDisplay StandDisplay Stand

Display Stand

This display stand adjusts to fit most dulcimers. The instrument supports slide up or down in a groove to fit the dulcimer. The maximum distance between instrument supports is 26 inches but this is th...See more

Display Stand – Ash (DS11A)

Herdim Picks

Herdim Picks

The popular Herdim  “3 in 1″ picks come in three colors.  Each point of this triangular pick has a different thickness. Made in Germany.

Herdim Pick (AMD-PT)



TK O’Brien Picks

TK O’Brien’s larger triangle picks: Thin (red), thin-medium (orange) and medium (yellow).

TK O’Brien’s Picks (AMD-PT)




Regular size adjustable to 54 inches. polypropylene webbing 2 inches wide with tri-glide adjustment. Polyester ends. Available in black, navy, brown, gray and tan....See more

Strap (AMD-S)


Photo of long guitar strap

Strap – Extra Long

Adjusts to 66 inches. Blue with black edging.

Strap – Extra Long

Strap Button

Strap button

Chrome button with screw.

Strap button

Dulcimer String Sets
Dulcimer Strings

Dulcimer Strings

(Loop ended, set of 4 strings)

Ionian  set- diameters .012, .012, .012 plain steel and .022 phosphor-bronze wound

Ionian Plus set - diameters .012, .012, .014 plain steel and .024 phosphor-bronze wound

Mixolydian  set- diameters .010, .010, .014 plain steel and .024 phosphor-bronze wound

Ionian String Set (MDS1)


Ionian Plus String Set  (MDS2)


Mixolydian String Set (MDS3)



Wood hand turned noter. Use noter in place of thumb/finger when playing the dulcimer fretting only the melody strings. Also use to quickly slide over frets for fast tempo songs.

Noter (AMD-N)

electronic tuner

Snark SN-8 Electronic Tuner

Chromatic electronic tuner. Clips onto bridge or body of psaltery. Full color display. Display is bright and easy to read. Display rotates 360 degrees. Tap tempo metronome. Pitch calibration from 415 ...See more

Snark SN-8 Electronic Tuner (ET4)


Tuning Gears

Nickel , closed cover. Set of 6, 3 left and 3 right.

Qty discount: 3 to 6 @ $13.50 ea, 7 to 12 @ $12.75 ea., 13 or more @ $11.50 ea.

Tuning gears


Korg CA1 Electronic Tuner

Korg CA1 chromatic tuner with easy to read VU meter for automatic mode. Also has built in 12 note reference tones. Can be used for many chromatic instruments. Pitch detection from C1 – C8. Built...See more

Korg CA1 Electronic Tuner (ET1)

Tuner Pickups - on left is alligator clip and on right is SignalFlex
Tuner Pickup

Tuner Pickup

Eliminate noise interference when tuning with a free standing tuner such as Korg CA1 by using a pick-up. The pickup male end plugs into electronic tuner port and the alligator clip or SignalFlex padde...See more

SignalFlex Tuner Pickup (ETP1)
Alligator Clip Tuner Pickup (ETP2)


Honeytone Mini Amp
Honeytone Mini AmpHoneytone Mini AmpHoneytone Mini Amp

Honeytone Mini Amp

The Honeytone mini amp can be used on most instruments. The Honeytone is small, about 5 inches square which is small enough to go anywhere, but has more amplification than many other mini amps. There ...See more

Honeytone Mini Amp (N-AMP)


Snark 9 volt supply adapter
Snark SA1 9 Volt Adapter

Snark SA1 9 Volt Adapter

Add an adapter for using the mini amp when close to a power source and save on batteries. The Snark SA1 9 Volt Supply has “Zero Hum Noise Filtering for Silent Operation”. 6 1/2 ft long cord.

Snark SA1 9 volt adapter (SA1)

String Cleaner

String Cleaner

Planet Waves string cleaner and lubricant. 2 oz. bottle.

String cleaner & lubricant (PW-STC)

Polish Cloth

Polish Cloth

15″ by 12″ untreated polish cloth.

Polish Cloth (DUN5400)