Hammered Dulcimer Accessories

Hammered Dulcimer Accessories

hammered dulcimer stand
Hammered Dulcimer Scissors StandHammered Dulcimer Scissors Stand

Hammered Dulcimer Scissors Stand

$57.00 to $62.00

In a sit-down or stand-up size.

Lightweight but sturdy, made of pine. Hammered dulcimer rests on cushioned instrument supports. Not adjustable for height or angle. Our 13/12 and 16/15 size instruments fit well on stand. Instruments larger than a 16/15 may be too large for these stands.

Sit down stand is 28″ high in the back and 23.5″ in the front. Folds to a compact size of 36″ x 3 1/4″. 3 to 4 lbs. Stand up version is 37″ high in the back and 33.5″ in the front. Folds to a compact size of 42″ x 3 1/4″. 4lbs

Wood is unfinished and can be left as is or a finish can be applied.

Scissors Stand Sit-down Version (DS2)

Scissors Stand Standing Version (DS4)

Hammered Dulcimer Music HolderHammered Dulcimer Music HolderHammered Dulcimer Music HolderHammered Dulcimer Music Holder

Hammered Dulcimer Music Holder

Designed to use between dulcimer and stand.

The bottom section fits between the underside of your dulcimer and a dulcimer stand that has a center support leg. The top section holds your music and has a wingnut adjustment for the angle. Wood varies from light to dark. The wood is a ply and has a lacquer finish. It is not furniture quality but this holder is highly functional.

  • Stand 1 Has decorative note cutout in the top section. Section where music fits is 8 3/4 inch from platform to top edge. Shown left in image. Item# AHD-MS1
  • Stand 2 Top section is 2 inches taller. The extra height is helpful when being used outside to keep the wind from blowing the music off the holder. Section where music fits is 11 inch from platform to top edge. Shown right in image. Item# AHD-MS2
  • Stand 3 is designed for iPad. Has rim on sides to keep iPad in place. Shown center in image. Item# AHD-MS3 OUT OF STOCK

Hammered Dulcimer Music Holder(AHD-MS)


dulcimer hammers
Celtic Knot Hammers

Celtic Knot Hammers


Celtic Knot design in head.

8 in. length. Each hammer weighs .2 ounce or 5 grams. Head length is 1 1/2 inch. Double sided with bare wood on one side, leather covered on other side. Sold as a pair. Available in Zebra, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. Grips are a complimentary wood.

Celtic Knot Hammers (HJW3)


Butterfly Hammers

Butterfly Hammers


Butterfly design in head.

Double sided with leather on one side and wood on the other side. Maple shaft with walnut grips. Intricate butterfly design in head. 8 inch long. Each hammer weighs .2 ounce or 5 grams. Head length is 1 1/2 inch. Sold as a pair.

“Butterfly” Design Hammers (HJW6)

hammered dulcimer hammers swirls design
Swirls Hammers

Swirls Hammers


Swirls design in head

Double sided with bare wood on one side, leather covered on other side. 8 inch length. 1 1/2 inch head. Weight .2 ounce or 5 grams. Cherry wood. Grips are a complementary wood. Sold as a pair. Made by Jill Weimer.

“Swirls” Design Hammers (HJWS)

Instrument duster

Instrument Duster


Handy for dusting stringed instruments.

Chinese hog bristles in a hand turned hardwood handle. 3 1/2 inch bristles make it ideal for reaching through instrument strings. Wood varies for the handle. In handy storage container.

Instrument Duster (AHD-D)

Tuning wrenches
Tuning Wrenches

Tuning Wrenches

$2.00 to $16.50

Gooseneck with square head, T-Handle with star head, and basic flat style.

All styles work with most current tuning/zither pins. May not work on old instruments or with imported pins.

Gooseneck Square Head Tuning Wrench (TW3)
T-handle Star Head Tuning Wrench(TW2)
Flat Wrench (TW1)


electronic tuner

Snark ST-8 Electronic Tuner


Clip-on chromatic electronic tuner.

Full color display. Display is bright and easy to read. Display rotates 360 degrees. Tap tempo metronome. Pitch calibration from 415 – 466HZ. Battery included. Black color.

Snark ST-8 Electronic Tuner (ET4)

Korg CA1 Electronic Tuner


Chromatic electronic tuner

Easy to read VU meter for automatic mode. Also has built in 12 note reference tones. Can be used for many chromatic instruments. Pitch detection from C1 – C8. Built in mic. Also input jack for pickup. Tilt slot on back allows you to insert a plastic card to angle meter for easy viewing. Two AAA batteries included.

Korg CA1 Electronic Tuner (ET1)

Tuner Pickup


Peterson Clip-on pick-up

Eliminate noise interference when tuning with a free standing tuner such as Korg CA1 by using a pick-up. This Peterson P-3 Clip-on tuning pick-up works with all tuners. The male end plugs into electronic tuner port. Has long heavy duty cord. Jaws feature padded ends to clip on the instrument. The best place to clamp onto our instruments are: tuning peg of mountain dulcimer, top of bridge of hammered dulcimer, pointed top or the bridge of bowed psaltery, and a tuning pin on lap harp.

Peterson TP-3 Pick-up (PETP3)

String Cleaner


Dunlop Ultraglide string cleaner and lubricant.

Helps restore brilliance to strings and extend string life. 2 oz. bottle with applicator tip.

String cleaner & lubricant (6582)

Polish Cloth

Polish Cloth


15″ by 12″ untreated polish cloth.

Polish Cloth (DUN5400)

Replacement strings

Loop end steel strings in diameters .012, .014, .016, .018, .020, .022, and .024 in 41 to 43 inch lengths. Please check your dulcimer string replacement guide or the builder for correct sizes before ordering. Most hammered dulcimer use many of these sizes throughout the stringing of the instrument.

Hammered Dulcimer Strings (HDS)
$.50 each


Hammer Christmas Ornament

Hammer Christmas Ornament


Seasonal ornament

Miniature hammered dulcimer hammer decorated with different color ribbons, a bell suspended from the hole in the hammer head and a gold thread for hanging. Hammer is approx 5 inches long. Each has different ribbon color. Picture shows the different colors that are used. Specify your preference and if available will be honored.

Hammer Christmas Ornament (N-HO)
$6.50 for one hammer

Ribbon color: